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Xenotran specializes in Digital Communication Components used in Wireless Communication Systems. 15 years of experience within the communications arena has enabled Xenotran to expand across the military and commercial sectors. We combine a history of proven successes with sound program management techniques so you won't need a 'lessons learned' session after the program.

 Core Capabilities:

  • Development and Implementation of highly integrated Digital Radios & Software Defined Radios including:
    • UHF SATCOM Modems such as CPM, MSK, GMSK, FSK, PSK and SOQPSK
    • Digital Cellular Modems such as GSM, CDMA, TDMA, W-CDMA and QAM
    • Telemetry Modems such as NOAA HRPT, DMSPRTD, Fengyun-1 CHRPT, METOP AHRPT, Fengyun-3 HRPT and NPOESS LRD
  • Retargeting Designs and Cross-Platform Porting employing a variety of engines including:
    • TI C6000/C5000 DSP, Analog Devices Shark DSP, PowePC and ARM
    • Xilinx and Altera FPGAs
  • Advanced FEC- Turbo Codes

Design Services:

  • Engineering Analysis and Consulting
    • Program and Engineering Project Management
    • Requirement Analysis and Verification
    • Systems Integration
    • Secure Facility
  • System Architecture Definition
    • Software Development (PC, DSP, embedded)
    • Device Driver Development 
    • Hardware Development (FPGA, PCB Design and ASIC Design)
  •  System Architecture and Design
    • Integration of 3rd party components built on Hardware, Software and DSP building blocks
    • Protocol Development
    • Processing and Bandwidth Optimization
  • Modeling, Simulation and Test
    • Protocol Testing and Validation
    • RF Channel Modeling and Simulation
    • Advanced Design and Development Tools
    • HDL Modeling and Simulation Enviroments
    • Test and Validation Enviroments

Xenotran is a proud member of:

AFCEA Logo       Ft Meade Alliance         


GBTC   Chesapeake Regional Tech Council


All Xenotran engineering personnel have been trained in the Software Communications Architecture (SCA) design toolset, called SPECTRA, provided by PrismTech.

Xenotran Personnel are Trained and Certified to use the PrismTech SPECTRA Toolset

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